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Your favorite celebs documenting and sharing their life for you.
Same patterns, same outfits, different people.
At least you don't dress as poorly as these celebrities.
Your guide to the hottest males and female stars of the 90's.
Taking a look at 15 quintessential trends from the fly-est, grunge-est decade there ever was.
Who knew GaGa could look so hot?
The female rapper spits a fair game in her alter egos. Awesome photos!
Joseph Gordon Levitt is the next big thing.
Kristen Cavallari is knocked up! Check out these awesome baby bump photos.
It turns out not everyone from history looked like Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. In fact, these historical hotties could do some damage at bars all over the country this Friday night.
Batman + Memes = Lollercoaster
15 of today's hottest English actors
You may not care what obscure band they're listening to, or how they shop at vintage clothing stores, but it's impossible to ignore how hot they are. Allow me to show you some evidence that backs up my assertion.
The shocking before and after pics revealed!
12 great examples of Disney-inspired ink
We couldn't help but feel guilty looking at these hot Disney pics.
Sunburn art exhibits have yet to hit the big museums, but could be more awesome than anything in them. It could also be stupid, dangerous, and a waste of time. Either way it's hilarious.
Check out this timeline before her publicist has it removed!
You should really know what's in your food.
Celebrity Disney Princess Look-a-likes
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